Fairhope Public Art

america-jones-muralCOPA, the committee for public art, has undertaken many projects for the benefit of the community. In addition, private individuals have contributed to the many outdoor sculptures that Fairhopers and visitors enjoy.

There are at least 17 outdoor art installations, and more being added all the time. They include:

1. ELAN VITAL by John Medwedeff of Carbondale, Ill. was
funded by COPA and installed in 2003. This sculpture is forged
and fabricated steel. (Corner of Section St. and Oak st.)

2. APRIL by Jo Hess of Mobile, AL. is bronze and was
funded by local art patrons. Placed in front of the
Fairhope Welcome Center in 2003 (Section St)

3. CRAIG SHELDON by Stephen Spears of Fairhope, AL
is a work in bronze which was privately funded including
donations by COPA and installed behind the History
Museum in 2008, Sheldon was an artist with eclectic
interests including sculpting, woodcarving, building the
castle on Oak St. and political commentary. (Bancroft St.)

4. MULLET RUN by Ameri´ca Jones Gallaspy of Fairhope,
AL won a competition sponsored by COPA to design and
fabricate a fountain in the Museum Plaza Park. The
fountain with its curved bronze bowl lined with river
pebbles sporting bronze mullets on rods will be completed
in the summer of 2009. The area around the fountain will
be decorated with pavers designed and fabricated with
clay indigenous to Baldwin County by John Rezner of
Fairhope. (Museum Plaza Park Bancroft St.)

5. GENERATING READERS by Brad Morten, Birmingham,
AL. was the recipient of the COPA Purchase Prize from
exhibitors at the 2007 Alabama sculptors at Eastern
Shore Art Center. (Fairhope Ave. on the grounds of the
Fairhope Public Library)

6. CELEBRATION OF LIFE by Craig Sheldon of Fairhope,
AL. represents the return of the brown pelican to Mobile Bay
. Installed in 1990 (corner of Bancroft St. & Fairhope Ave.)

7. CRAIG SHELDICAN by Dean Mosher of Fairhope, AL.
was created in honor of Dean’s father-in law Craig Sheldon
as an entry in the 2007 ART TAKES FLIGHT art project
sponsored by COPA. COURIER PELICAN by Megrez Rudolf
of Fairhope, AL. was created in honor of her father Craig
Sheldon, writer of “Knee Deep in Fly Creek” for the Fairhope
courier, for the 2007 ART TAKES FLIGHT project sponsored
by COPA. (Single Tax Corporation Fairhope Ave.)

8. ABORIGINAL SEA LIFE by Ameri´ca Jones Gallaspy is
a mural funded by FEEF (Fairhope Educational Enrichment
Fund) in 2002. (Corner of Fairhope Ave. & Church St.)

Barbara Casey and Richard Arnold, a gift to the city by the
Marietta Johnson Museum in honor of Marietta Johnson,
the progressive teacher who started the Organic School.
This bronze sculpture was dedicated in 1997. (S. Mobile
St. on bluff)

10. SEA HORSE by Bruce Larsen and John Rezner of
Fairhope, AL. is a metal sculpture funded by FEEF. (S.
Mobile St. on bluff)

11. DOLPHIN FAMILY by Jim Sardonis of Randolf, Vt.
is a six-foot bronze piece resting on a three foot slab of
Bahama Blue Granite. Art patrons and COPA funded this
sculpture dedicated in 2005. The granite benches were
purchased by families and friends in memory of loved
ones. (S. Mobile St. at the Orange Ave. Pier park).

12. METAL FLOWERS by William Colburn of Fairhope, AL.
were privately funded. (Oak St. in front of Easter Shore
Art Center).

13. BOTTLE TREE by students of Joan Ross of Fairhope,
AL. (Oak St. in front of ESAC parking lot TOTEM POLE by
students of Joan Ross. (Oak St. grassy area to rear of ESAC
parking lot).

14. LUNAR RESPONSE by William Keating who is known
for his aluminum abstract sculptures, was a private gift
to the Eastern Shore Art Center. (N. Section St. on hill
behind ESAC)

15. ALLIGATOR by Bruce Larson of Fairhope, AL. is
constructed of found metal, wood, and other objects.
Thomas Hospital and COPA funded this piece in 2005 (Hwy
98 in front of Thomas Hospital.) FISH by Bruce Larson
of Fairhope, AL is an interactive wall hanging made of
assorted objects including yard rakes. Thomas Hospital
and COPA funded this piece in 2005. (Hwy 98 Thomas
Hospital patient check-in area)

16. TWO HERONS by Walter Matia of Dickerson, MD. is a
bronze work purchased by the McLean family in memory of
James K. McLean, Jr. and Sarah Elliot McLean and given to
COPA for display at the Eastern Shore Art Center. (Oak St.)

17. DIVERSITY by Leonard Cave of Orangeburg, SC, is a
multi-stone sculpture given to COPA by Don and Maribeth
Malton in 2009. (On front lawn of Eastern Shore Art Center
on Oak St.)