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“We will be there on vacation July 23-26. Would love to know where the locals love to eat! Best eateries, best ice cream, best coffee, best seafood, best burger, best deli???
Can’t wait to visit!”

BeautifulFairhope.com reply:

I hope you enjoy your upcoming visit to Fairhope. When you get back home please let me know which places you enjoyed the most, to share with other BF readers.

Where are you guys traveling from? Please remember it is very hot and humid here in Fairhope this time of year. Dress casually in cool clothing! Have cold water with you at all times. It’s easy to become dehydrated. Wear sunscreen! Heat Advisory

And try to stay out of the sun in the middle part of the day. The UV is worst then and we don’t want you to have to go home with a bad sunburn.

Plan your outdoor activities for morning and late afternoon. In the middle of the day visit the Fairhope History Museum, the Eastern Shore Art Center, any place with air conditioning! Do what we do, eat a good lunch, lay up in the shade, read a good book and/or take a nap. Make dinner plans…

But don’t miss seeing the sun set down at Fairhope Pier, at the foot of Fairhope Ave. Get there before 7:00 PM so you can see the fountain and enjoy the cool spray blowing off of it. Some people even cool their feet off in the fountain pool. Then take a leisurely walk out to the end of the pier. A breeze is usually blowing across Mobile Bay and you’ll enjoy seeing what all is happening down by the water. I hear they are catching a lot of shrimp off the pier right now with cast nets. There will be people fishing and crabbing, too. Don’t be shy, stop and ask anyone “what ‘ya catchin?”

I don’t know if the Yardarm Restaurant on the pier is open back up yet. It has been undergoing major renovations. If it is open for business, it’s a nice place to have dinner outdoors on the deck. The view is great from inside, too!

One of my favorite “nice” restaurants is Pinzone’s on Fairhope Ave., right downtown. Wonderful Italian food there, and they have a sandwich shop, too, in the courtyard. Many good wines by the glass or bottle. If you want to just check it out first, stroll in from Fairhope Ave, and ask to see a menu. Then walk in Pinzone’s courtyard, all the way through the block to De La Mare Ave. There’s a classy steak house on that side. I’ve not been there, but I hear it’s really nice($$$). To your right on De La Mare is the Dragonfly Food Bar. It’s a funky little place with a quirky Asian inspired menu.You’ll either love it or not love it.

But, save room for a treat, because you’ll be right across the street from Mr. Gene’s Beans. Locals, like whole familys, look for any excuse, to get a Fairhope Float . It’s a coffee-ice cream thing. It’s not a fancy place but it’s authentic Fairhope. It’s the first place my grown children want to go when they come back to Fairhope for a visit.

On the corner of De La Mare and Section Street is our famous independent bookstore, Page and Palette. They have visiting authors signing books there, like all the time. It’s a seriously good book store, with lots of books by local authors. You’ll be surprised how many writers call Fairhope home. Ask anyone at P&P to recommend some books to read. They are very helpful.

Here are a few other places to eat that I like:

Tamara’s Downtown, on Section Street. The Shrimp and grits are something else. Nice place for lunch or dinner. One of the nicer places downtown.

Panini Pete’s is “world famous” and has inside and outdoor seating. I like the Black & Blue Panini Burger with homemade fries.

Pete’s “other place” is Sunset Pointe, which is a short drive up on north Section St. Waterfront and a great place to see sunset while having dinner.

You can get a darn good cup of coffee, latte, etc at the Coffee Loft on North Section St. It is not anything like a Starbucks. It’s a community coffeehouse with a definite tie-dye vibe. Back at Page & Palette, Latte’da is right downtown. It’s a genuine coffeehouse where lots of local folks hang out.

If you like sushi, try Master Joe’s next to the Hampton Inn on Section Street. The same people own Shanghai Cottage, which is in the Publix Shopping Center. It’s not downtown, but they have the best pot stickers this side of San Francisco. The Pineapple Fried Rice is awesome, too.

My favorite deli is Mary Ann’s in the Windmill Market. The iced tea is divine. They make a mean chicken salad, and I substitute potato salad for the chips!

Also at Windmill Market(on Bancroft St) is Sweet Olive Bakery/Cafe. A real treasure…run by a pastry chef and her staff of dedicated foodies. Fresh breakfast muffins here, along with fresh-prepared daily lunch specials. They have home made pizza on Friday nights and live music, too!

Gambinos Italian on Mobile Street has a full menu and a view of Mobile Bay.

Wintzells’ Oyster House is also on Mobile St., a little past Gambinos. Lots of great options, including oysters on the half shell.

See all of the Fairhope Public Art!

Visit the Fairhope Public Library – How many towns have a library this beautiful?

See Saint James Episcopal Church – Gulf Coast Gothic Architecture

Best wishes,

Dan Therrell

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